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« Everyone should wake up with someone they love on a Monday morning »


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I do.

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« You are made
out of comets
and stars.

Do not surround
yourself with those
that treat you like
dirt and dust.


Now this is beautiful.
Kitchen Witches have the most neatest and gorgeous kitchens, especially the pantries.
I’m getting an idea to fix up my kitchen next year.

« Consider that you radiate. At all times. Consider that what you’re feeling right now is rippling outward into a field of is-ness that anyone can dip their oar into. You are felt. You are heard. You are seen. If you were not here, the world would be different. Because of your presence, the universe is expanding. »

- Danielle LaPorte (via wethinkwedream)

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« My mouth can’t translate the things my heart says. »

- Jin Akanishi (via organicafe)

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Van Gogh’s Paintings Get Tilt-Shifted by Serena Malyon

Serena Malyon, a 3rd-year student at art school, took some of van Gogh’s most beautiful paintings and altered them in Photoshop to achieved this amazing tilt-shift effect.