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« Energy, like you, has no beginning and no end. It can never be destroyed. It is only ever shifting states. »

- Panache Desai (via universal-wanderer)

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Who’s a pretty boy? You are, yes you are!

Bee covered in pollen resting in the heart of a crocus flower.

Nature-loving photographer, Boris Godfroid, uses macro photography for close-up shots, posted to his website

« He who delights in solitude is either a wild beast or a god. »

- Friedrich Nietzsche (via meditationsinwonderland)

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barefoot is the answer

Located near the Red Sea in El Gouna, Egypt, Desert Breath is an impossibly immense land art installation dug into the sands of the Sahara desert by the D.A.ST. Arteam back in 1997. The artwork was a collaborative effort spanning two years between installation artist Danae Stratou, industrial designer Alexandra Stratou, and architect Stella Constantinides, and was meant as an exploration of infinity against the backdrop of the largest African desert. Covering an area of about 1 million square feet (100,000 square meters) the piece involved the displacement of 280,000 square feet (8,000 square meters) of sand and the creation of a large central pool of water.

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This is a reproduction of a real human skull carved by Zane Wylie, created to honor family lineage that aided the Templar Knights and hid treasures for them.

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